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OyoFlix season II: why the big small-hotel brand and showrunner Ritesh Agarwal could build a new base in the US

Oyo has kept the startup press busy with a dizzying array of headline-grabbing moves. ET Prime has learnt that its latest gambit could be relocating four top leaders to the US. A move like this will work well for its positioning as a global hospitality chain, help wrangle an even richer valuation in future funding rounds, and set the stage for an eventual IPO.


Casting the dark Web in a new light

If, as is commonly believed, hackers operated mainly as isolated individuals, they would need to be incredibly skilled and fast to create hacks at the frequency we’ve seen. However, when we conducted research in dark web markets, surveyed the literature on cyberattacks, and interviewed cybersecurity professionals, we found that the prevalence of the “fringe hacker” is a misconception.

31 Jul 20190 comment

Loved the Chandrayaan-2 launch? Great. Now let’s ask what’s “new” in India’s New Space apparatus.

The government has quietly announced the setting up of New Space India Ltd to commercialise space products. In theory, it is an opportunity to shed the taint of Antrix and forge ahead in the ever more competitive global space industry. However, whether India’s space mandarins will grab the opportunity remains mired in doubts, given their poor track record in building a modern, sustainable business.



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