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The China connection may haunt Zoom in the US and India. The app remains under scrutiny.

CEO Eric Yuan has asserted that the Silicon Valley-based video-conferencing giant is an American company, but the popular app remains under scrutiny for its China policies and related privacy issues. Zoom is now moving to address those concerns, and offering end-to-end encryption to all in a step in that direction. Meanwhile, competition is also fast catching up with Zoom.

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Smart thinking, resilient networks, and luck: telcos give seamless connectivity to India in lockdown

Indian telcos rose to the challenge, and with some smart thinking – and some good fortune too – ensured almost seamless connectivity for a billion-plus Indians despite a spurt in traffic. From shutting 3G services for 4G to routing calls through Wi-Fi networks instead of mobile networks, telcos intelligently pulled out many rabbits from their hats in an hour of crisis.


WhatsApp has failed to generate cash for Facebook. The deal with Jio can be a turning point.

Some experts call WhatsApp a liability for parent Facebook. While big, flourishing brands are often money-spinners for companies, Facebook has been unable to monetise the instant-messaging platform significantly despite its 2 billion users globally. Facebook’s deal with Jio is intended to set things right by transforming WhatsApp into a marketplace-type platform. It may just work.

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Seat distancing, rise of OTT, fading ads: PVR, INOX face many killjoys. Needed: an agile cost model.

As multiplexes and production houses bicker over the digital release of big-ticket movies, the film-exhibition industry must get ready for a post-pandemic world where occupancy will be a fraction of what it used to be. Mandatory sanitation and other compliance issues will mean higher costs and fewer shows. A harsh ad environment is likely to dent near-term profitability.

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When 6 comes before 5 and after 4. Why India may adopt Wi-Fi 6 ahead of 5G.

From smart cities to autonomous cars to industrial automation to remote healthcare, IoT can transform the world – and 5G will contribute to it. With commercial 5G deployments 18 to 24 months away in India, it opens the door for a large-scale adoption of Wi-Fi 6 – similar in many ways to 5G – for new IoT use cases. It’s cheap and available now.

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