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India is staring at a medical-device crisis

The global lockdown has exposed the deep dependence of the Indian medical-devices industry on imports. The government has rushed to address the situation. But such a critical industry deserves a framework which is in tune with its needs. Being technology intensive and innovation driven, its regulation must constantly keep evolving.


Clutching at straws, policymakers back hydroxychloroquine use in contagion battle. Safety, see you later.

Faced with a race against time, India’s top medical-research body has given the go-ahead to use hydroxychloroquine, an antiparasitic agent for malaria treatment, for prophylactic use among frontline healthcare workers. While physicians caution that this may be an ill-thought move, pharma manufacturers are sniffing opportunity.

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Here you will find a curated collection from our relentless coverage on the outbreak and its implications, spanning across sectors and situations. As always, bringing together ET Prime's deep reportage and nuanaced analysis of issues, these stories will keep you up to date on what's unfolding and what's up next.

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Under the lens

India needs tech solutions to contain the pandemic. Controversial Chinese giant Huawei offers help.

India may have to leverage technology in a big way to manage the Covid-19 crisis — much like China has done. Now, Chinese telecom giant Huawei has offered to join India’s fight against the pandemic, offering a gamut of AI and 5G-driven tech solutions. Given Huawei’s controversial past, India may be wary of the company. But then, these are desperate times.

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Covid-19 shockwave: Indian economy needs a massive stimulus. The world can learn from China.

Covid-19 can be a massive blow for the Indian economy, particularly MSMEs, which employ about half of the workforce. It’s reminiscent of demonetisation – only the disruption may be exponentially higher. But India, and the world, can take lessons from China. It contained the virus even as it simultaneously planned a stimulus for the economy and may bounce back sooner than expected.

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