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Most Indian kids lose the education battle by Grade 3

More than 46% of Indian kids cannot understand simple text and 62% cannot use simple arithmetic by the time they reach Grade 8. The damage is done because their foundational learning is weak at Grade 3 stage. Some states and entrepreneurs realise the problem, but India needs to understand that fixing it late can cost up to 10% of national expenditure on primary education.

Monetary policy

Jobs, price stability, and growth — the Modern Monetary Theory cookbook has the American and Japanese recipes. Add India to taste.

India can pick up a few tips from the US and Japan, which have used MMT to rejuvenate their sluggish economies. MMT policies are neither antithetical to growth and employment, nor does raising liquidity lead to price rise, as is often feared. Fiscal policy can be a vital tool to propel growth through capital expenditure and investment in infrastructure. Monetary policy plays a supportive role.



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