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Exclusive Access, Inclusive Growth



India’s fuel-retail market is likely to get brutal with more players expected to join the fray

Analysts expect the incumbents and newbies to fight the impending battle in cities and towns to own customers who consume diesel, a fuel that comprises 40% of India’s total oil demand. What could turn the battle fiercer is the rise of natural gas-driven vehicles and electric vehicles aided by the government’s policy thrust and technological innovations.

Oil prices

Coronavirus-hit China triggers an unprecedented slide in global oil demand. It can help India.

Global crude-oil demand may just collapse in 2020. As the global economy faces a likely recession, crude prices have gone into a tailspin, sinking over 30% this year. Still, it helps India – cuts the mammoth import bill, keeps fuel inflation in check, and RBI can sustain a soft interest-rate regime to boost growth. But first: the Modi government must contain the coronavirus.

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What’s building up in India’s wavering power sector? Tottering piles of bad debt at PFC

An RTI reply has revealed that the Power Finance Corporation has claims worth INR65,000 crore pending in NCLT — much higher than what the power-sector lender has disclosed in its investor presentation. While the company says efforts under various debt-recovery and restructuring mechanisms are on, the falling health of India’s power sector could play a spoiler.


Thermal power is pushed to a corner. What got it here? Overzealous forecasts and tepid demand

After gas-based power plants entailing INR1 lakh crore investment, coal-fired power plants with a combined capacity of 50,000MW could become stranded. Power-sector insiders say illogical forecasts by the CEA have resulted in overcapacity. Adding to the woes are the lack of assured fuel supply and agreements to sell power, besides the government’s focus on solar power.

Future of Work

More money for less work: how solar-powered equipment is making micro-enterprises walk on sunshine

From weaving to sewing to milking to carpentry, solar-powered livelihood appliances offer a sea of opportunity to micro-enterprises. Early adopters say their income has substantially increased and their productivity has gone up manifold. But mass adoption will only happen once banks and financial institutions warm up to the concept and the ecosystem sets a quality benchmark.



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