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Exclusive Access, Inclusive Growth

What is ET Prime?

ET Prime is a members-only business storytelling platform from the house of The Economic Times, India's oldest and most trusted business news brand.

Why did we build ET Prime?

Why ET Prime?

For nearly six decades, if it's business news, you have seen it first in The Economic Times. As complex changes rewrite the rules of business, and as the rapid fire of by-the-minute news becomes overwhelming, you told us you expect ET to help you restore order. Put you back in control. Add to this our belief that the best things in the world are created by the shared passion of close-knit communities and you get ET Prime.


Fast, insight-rich analysis of news that matters to you

We know you are flooded with 'breaking news'. What you lack is fast, reliable, insight-rich analysis that fills the gaps in the news flow.

Every day, ET Prime's domain experts handpick the news that matters to you and wrestle critical, often invisible meaning out of them.

The result: crisp, data-driven pieces that save your time.

Catch up with them during your morning commute, lunch break, or evening coffee. Repeat daily.

Long-reads that outlive the news cycle

Not every story worth telling makes it to the news.

From finance to climate change and from economic policy to health care, ET Prime will bring you long-reads that unravel the hidden trends, people, and things shaping our world.

Savour these stories at your own pace. Bookmark to revisit later.


  • ET Prime is a team of hard-core reporters and editors, business analysts (and even a dentist!) who have collectively spent thousands of hours grappling with every major industry.
  • Each ET Prime story passes through rigorous checks for three qualities:
    • deep research that clearly establishes the context
    • critical analysis that tells you why you should care (or not)
    • and simple, concise articulation that doesn't waste your time.

Our Values

We respect your time.

We are biased towards depth, not necessarily length, in our storytelling.

Enough said.

We take pride in domain knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Our members trust us to deliver the most credible – and usable – answers to the business questions that impact their lives. Justifying this trust day after day calls for nothing less than the most authoritative domain knowledge – the hallmark of ET.

ET Prime will take ET’s legacy further by building the deepest repository of business knowledge on the Internet.

We learn by listening.

We will put our ears to the ground and listen to every interest group our stories touch – our audiences, voices loud and quiet in the businesses we cover, and the larger communities of which they are a part. After all, no newsroom in the world can match the collective wisdom of the community.

As we grow, we will also help intersecting communities to talk and listen to each other and build networks in the real world.

We will be an anchor amidst disruption.

The world is changing, and it can be an unsettling feeling. The spectre of artificial intelligence, the threat to jobs, the lengthening shadow of climate change, gung-ho digital lifestyles, and rapidly evolving government policies – it can all be a bit breathless, daunting even.

At ET Prime, we believe that responsible business journalism that brings clarity amid all this confusion can be a powerful force for good.

We are easy to reach and responsive.

ET Prime will create robust communication channels so that you can reach us easily, keep us honest when we make mistakes (or share the occasional word of encouragement!), or collaborate with us on stories you want told.

We understand that merely creating communication channels is window dressing. That's why our team is mandated with regularly connecting with our members and responding to their thoughts and questions -- after doing the homework it merits. In other words, we will inform ourselves before we seek to inform you.

Our Team

Shishir Prasad

Editor Two decades of tracking strategy, technology, and money. Love stories that combine logic and aesthetics. Read Shishir’s Story

Aesha Datta

Assistant Editor, Environment Impassioned observer of the business of climate change Read Shishir’s Story

Arti Singh

Assistant Editor, FinTech Chronicler of money's changing forms Read Shishir’s Story

Garima Manon

Editorial Coordinator Operations workhorse, deadline enforcer-in-chief Read Shishir’s Story

Madhavan Kutty

Lead, Banking and Economic Research Macro-economist, banking-policy expert, teacher Read Shishir’s Story

Manu P Toms

Editor, Venture Capital and Internet Economy New-economy veteran Read Shishir’s Story

Moinak Choudhury

Senior Editor Editing classicist with over 16 years in the business Read Shishir’s Story

N Sundaresha Subramanian

Editor, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Number reader, fine-print cracker, money follower, underdog lover Read Shishir’s Story

Nirmal John

Editor, Emerging Technologies and Cybersecurity Author of India’s first book with true stories of cybercrime and data theft Read Shishir’s Story

Pravin Palande

Editor, Markets and Finance Markets and investment specialist Read Shishir’s Story

Priyanka Salve

Senior Staff Writer Covering the economy's building blocks Read Shishir’s Story

Rajiv Ghosh

Principal Analyst, Auto Analyst-journalist strolling the corridors of auto innovation Read Shishir’s Story

Rishi Tejpal

Lead, Telecom Fourteen years across critical functions in the telecom industry Read Shishir’s Story

Rochelle Britto

Research and Data Analyst Resident numbers lady Read Shishir’s Story

Santanu Bose

Senior Editor Newsroom leader with nearly two decades in top-tier media houses Read Shishir’s Story

Shabori Das

Senior Analyst Tracking technology's hand in what and how we consume Read Shishir’s Story

Soumya Gupta

Senior Staff Writer, Consumer Goods and Retail On the trail of the Indian consumer, and those who sell to them Read Shishir’s Story

Tarun Shukla

Editor, Aviation and Defence Award-winning investigative journalist and flying-objects geek Read Shishir’s Story

Vikas Dandekar

Editor, Pharma and Healthcare India’s pre-eminent pharma reporter with over two decades in the business Read Shishir’s Story

Our Openings

We're always looking out for great people to join our team.
Get on our radar and we’ll reach out.



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